Thank you for stopping by our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) page. Several parents and faculty members along with the support of administration founded the PTO in the 2016-2017 school year.

We meet on the 4th Monday of every month at 7 pm in room 208 unless otherwise noted in the Parent Newsletter or School Calendar. All parents are welcome to attend meetings!

PTO Mission Statement

The mission of this organization shall be:
A. To involve parents and school personnel in a cooperative and sustained
system of activities which will enhance the educational and social
opportunities of the children both in the school and at home;
B. To improve school/home relationships by enabling parents and school
personnel to:
1. Define their relationship to each other.
2. Define their roles as they pertain to the children served by the school.
3. Identify the needs and resources of the school, its families, and its

C. To provide teachers and administrators with opinions and viewpoints that will lead to a better analysis of the needs of the students and more relevant program planning;
D. To sustain parental interest and to provide the resources needed by school personnel to function effectively in a working relationship with parents and community members.

PTO Board Members

Board members are elected yearly by members of the PTO.

President: David Haas
Vice-President: Josephina Alcala
Secretary: Karen Repp
Chairperson: Amy Rosales
Deacon Representative: Thomas Lex Jr.

Committee Chair-people

Our committee chair-people are elected by and from within the members of the PTO.

Sports: Caesar Landa
Fundraising: Nicole Haas
Events Coordinator: Karin Lowery
Volunteer Coordinator: Afiya Jones

Monthly PTO Minutes

We will attach the minutes from the PTO meetings for your convenience here.