Ways to Give

  • By Check: Please make checks payable to Lake County Baptist School with a memo Lions Legacy Fund.
  • Paypal donate button: Simply click on the button to give via PayPal. All funds given via PayPal will go directly to the Lion Legacy Fund.¬†
  • ACH recurring donations: Annual gifts may be divided over a monthly¬†
  • Pledges: A pledge may be made within the same fiscal year (July 1 to June 30): e.g. a pledge for annual giving can be made in the fall with the intention it be paid in the spring.
  • RenWeb: Donations may be made via RenWeb for current parents. Contact Mrs. Nichols to set up your giving on RenWeb.¬†
  • Gifts in Kind: Gifts of tangible property or services. These are most often gifts of a specific item or piece of equipment for a particular program or team or auction items that Fenwick may use at one of several auctions related to its events throughout the year. This may also be a professional service that is provided to LCBS at reduced or no cost.
  • Gifts in Memoriam – Give a gift in memory of a loved one.
  • Matching Gifts – Many larger employers have a gift matching program which will match you gift and double the power of your gift.

Per IRS regulations, gifts-in-kind will be acknowledged with a donation letter that describes the item or service provided but does not place a dollar value on the donation. It is up to the donor and his/her tax advisor to determine a value for charitable gift purposes.

Thank you for your support of our students! We appreciate you!

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